Eilish M. Nobes

Filmmaker, Photographer

Eilish is originally from Danbury, Connecticut. She is constantly on the road for work, but when she has a minute she can be found in Georgia. Eilish Is a documentary filmmaker and photographer, who specializes in field producing. Eilish and her close friend Addie Ross run a small start up called Fat Panda Production which is geared towards helping those who have a passion for helping others.  When not working with Addie, she is working on environmental pieces wether it be photo or film based. Eilish’s focus and love is documentary filmmaking. She has worked on several films that have dealt with cultures in other countries as well as environmental issues. recently she has traveled to Cuba to document the forgotten island Isla de la Juventud for the series Unseen Cuba by Kevin McCarey, which is being pitched to major networks. Her main focus is marine sanctuaries, and she is currently in the finale stages of filming a documentary entitled Sanctuary Shark with the hopes to bring awareness to the loss of ocean habitats and the importance of marine sanctuaries for species such as sharks.


I’ve had a passion for animals since I was a little girl, and Sharks specifically have always interested me. As I got older  my passion grew into an obsession with sharks and with the ocean in which they live. This vast blue ocean that contains more life than even imaginable, it's like a whole other world in which we aren’t a part of but can visit. The ocean and our environment need our help and film is one of the most powerful mediums that we have today, it allows us to educate, entertain, and inform the public.  This is why I decided to follow my passion and become a documentary filmmaker, as it allows me to dive deeper into environmental issues, and other concerns facing the world today.

 I believe that today’s youth could change the world and that the best way to help them do that is to give them the knowledge and the tools through films and short formed content put on social media. Film allows people to come together so I hope that I can help people come together to make a difference in the world. 




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