Learn The Ropes, And Start Getting Experience.

Learn The Ropes, And Get Started.

So we get into the studio and as I’m watching the upperclassmen run around I realize how cool this is. I start talking to one of the producers and I asked her if producing was what she wanted to do after college and she said, “Oh, no. I’m normally a grip, which is what my focus is on, but if you enjoy 24/7 stress then producing is for you.” Then she said, “Also a friendly piece of advice: don’t trust anyone fully because if you want something done on set you always need a backup plan!” (I later found out that they were depending on a crew member to show up with supplies that we needed but instead blew it off.) 


So after that she handed me the check list and explained that we need to check all the equipment and make sure we had everything so that when filming was over we wouldn’t be liable for any previous damages or missing equipment before filming. So, as I checked everything the only pieces we were missing were 2 screws that secured the lights onto the Gobos. We then began setting up all the lights because we were going to do the short in a single shot.

So we spent 5 hours setting up all of the lights and it may sound boring and tedious, but it was fantastic. So I ended up being the right hand man to the guy who was in charge of the grips. I took notes in his notebook on what we still had to test and basically helped him make sure everything was working properly. We broke for lunch at 2 pm and then shooting began right after. As we were filming it was my job to create a siren effect with one of the lights. At the end of the day it was a great learning experience.

Eilish NobesComment