Scuba Certified

I spent this weekend becoming diving certified at Ginnie Springs in Florida. Yep, that’s right I’m officially diving certified, so watch out, because if you thought I was obsessed with diving, the ocean, surfing, and all things water related, then you haven’t seen anything yet, because I can now spend more time underwater which means a whole lot of photos and videos are coming your way.

Ginnie Springs.jpg

      This was probably the most fun I have had in a while, and I’m talking about that feel-good kind of fun that you’ll never forget. I spent Thursday afternoon doing two dives with an amazing instructor Allen, who despite me initially not being able to sink (I was an idiot and didn’t weight myself ahead of time with my wetsuit) was able to toss some extra weight in my BC so I could finally sink. That night we had a fire going, grilled, played volleyball, beersbee, corn hole, and drank (don’t worry mom your 20-year-old did not consume any alcohol). There were a couple of wild moments but we all got our asses up at 7 am on Friday to complete our final two dives, and luckily Allen had gotten us through most of the skills so we only had one more left to complete. We headed over to Devil’s Ear (one of many cavern’s in Ginnie Springs – we also dove in Devil’s Eye) where we spent 45min because we were letting the cave divers descend into the cavern but we then made our way down where we sat on a log there and completed our last skill.  After that we drift dived to the main spring to have some fun and explore (I highly suggest if you ever have a chance, you should go check Ginnie Springs out, it’s amazing).


      Now that I am a certified diver we could go on a night dive/galaxy dive. The galaxy dive was incredibly breath taking, it was like being amongst the stars and watching as they floated towards you and coat you in a million different shining lights (a galaxy dive is when you cut Chem Lights open and allow the chemical mixture to float out – it’s totally safe). We then drift dived down the spring which was pretty cool, but I mostly floated the rest of the way after I ran into a snake (I looked to the side for a second and the next thing I know is “WHACK” a snake hits me right in the mask) so that was enough excitement for me.  We got picked up in the truck and road back to camp and I must say I just couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It was just so surreal, and exciting, knowing that I am finally certified and to be quite honest I felt at home.

Air_0000_Layer 2.jpg

      To wrap up the weekend I went for a morning dive at the main spring with a couple of the diving assistants. We checked out the large cavern located there and dove to about 50ft, as soon as we got in there and then lit up the place with lights it was incredible. You could swim to the ceiling and watch as the bubble from the diver’s regulators congregated there, creating a shimmery wave as new bubbles joined. There were a couple twist and turns to explore, and then of course you had to check out the grate at the bottom (the grate was there to close of the rest of the cavern because it was too dangerous). There was also a grave stone down there but I didn’t get to see it, but it was for a previous diver who had gotten stuck and couldn’t make it out.

  I have to say that I am so stoked to be certified and I can’t wait for the many other adventures that I have ahead of me.

Eilish Nobes